Iron Gods: To the Black

Dear Journal of Ingenious Scientific Self-Consultation and Record..

Day 1 of My Quest to Destroy The Organization (Part 1)

“Today I met several individuals as I took a job to rescue a Mr. Baine from some attempt to explore the caverns below Torch and relight the..”Torch" for which the town of..Torch is named. ..Very simple-minded philosophy in that nomenclature, it seems. In any case, the group I am in is comprised of some elves, a Dwarf, and some funny fellow in a robe and hood. I, myself, stuck for my classic simple armor with a tidy trench coat, top hat, and monocle (and let’s not forget the classy cane!). Most of the hires seem to be in it for personal reason or vendetta. I could honestly use the cash offered to get myself a new lab..

Regardless, we began our little outing by fighting and unfortunately not disabling a repair drone. My companions elected to destroy the construct rather than allowing me to reprogram it and use it for actually productive purposes. Sigh Some people do not appreciate genius.


We then descended into the caves and fought some glowing beetles, the residue of which supplied my wife’s syringe spear to glow in the dark and allow me sight in the darkness. There was lots of mold down there.. disgusting stuff that it is, as well as bodies. I know the Organization was to blame for this. This…hood-man claims that I am a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but I know better!

We met a small band of Skulks who live in the area, and their story confirms my suspicions! A purple haired woman came before the Torch (for which Torch is named) went cold. Clearly, this couldn’t be anything else but Organization interference. I mean, thinking logically; who else benefits from the town of Torch (named for the Torch for which the town of Torch is named) being turned off? The Organization wants to make slaves and test subjects out of all of these people.. Well, I, the brilliant Doctor Alistair Aldini, shall not be so easily fooled and defeated!

(These Skulk people would make excellent lab assistants, as their strength, organization, and ability to blend into their surroundings would be perfect in case of Organization attack. I would merely have to instruct them on the use of proper laser weapons to turn them into excellent stealthy servants. It also helps that the Organization seems to have burned their people, as well, though not to the extent that I have suffered. This could make them a great asset in my war upon the evil mockery of scientists that make up the Organization.)

The Skulk woman told us that Mr. Baine had passed her way and gone through metallic doors that seem to hint at some larger compound beneath the town itself. In exchange for the keycards needed to bypass the doors, however, we had to fight some Gremlins north of our position. The little pests proved troublesome to my companions without my expert aid, whereas I and the Elf I combatted a stronger gremlin with finished the job rather quickly.

(Gremlins are such pathetic creatures, you know? Hoarding and looting all the refuse and rubbish that society leaves behind and just packing it in a pile. They never do anything constructive or steal any of the quality loot. Pfah. Killing them was mercy upon Numeria’s population.)

In any case.

We took keycards from the Skulk woman and proceeded after Mr. Baine, since the purple-haired Agent of the Organization that preceded went through a door that is unfortunately now jammed. The detour was not a total loss, however! We discovered another repair drone that will make a fine addition to my laboratory when I finally rebuild it with the facilities I require! We also found a few items such as batteries, potions, and a black e-pick that I shall be using with much glee. I do, indeed, look forward to exploring this place to find whatever else I can possible use to bring the blasted Organization and their fake, Black Tyrant to their knees! Then, with my wife resurrected at my side and the cure for all disease finally finished, the world will finally fear the name of…Dr. Alistair Aldini!!!



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